Japan MedTec 18. – 20.3.2019, Tokyo Big Sight

Emtele is participating to the Asian’s largest tradeshow for the design and manufacture of medical device!

Come and meet us:
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Note our pitch on Tuesday, 19th March at 0100-0200 p.m:

Mr. Pablo Iglesias Rumbo from the EU Delegation to Japan is going to speak at a seminar in the Medtec Japan about the EU-Japan Economic partnership including the EU Gateway program. Emtele was offered an opportunity to present our innovative services at the seminar.




JTTA Spring Conference – 2.2.2019, Tokyo

Seminar presentation: Benefits of TeleHealth

The Japanese Telemedicine and Telecare Association has its spring conference with approx. 150 participants at Zenkoku Kaden Kaikan Bldg in Yushima, Tokyo.

It was a unique opportunity for Emtele to present its view on telehealth’s benefits among such highly educated, experienced and active professionals.


Thank you JTTA, Mr. Takayuki Kori M.D., Ph.D and Mr Ikuo Tofukuji, PhD

Kameda Healthcare Informatics & Emtele – December, 2018

Successful establishment of new business models and optimal digitalization of traditional methods within healthcare sector in a foreign country requires strategic partnership with a local expertise. Kameda Healthcare Informatics, a pioneer of Japanese healthcare IT systems, and Emtele decided study joint opportunities to provide telehealth solutions nationwide.

Saitama, Japan 5.12.2018

Seminar presentation: Remote medical care – from the example of Northern Europe

Emtele had a great change to participate to the seminar held at Saitama Business Exchange Center.

Our presentation about the use cases and best practices within the application fields of telehealth led to an interactive discussion with the audience regarding possibilities to localize tested treatment models in the most optimal way. Also Mr. Hasegawa from JTTA and Dr. Kodama from Niigata University of Health and Welfare described the future for telemedicine in Japan in this seminar with approx. 40 participants.


Thank you Saitama Industrial (SIPC) and Mr. Akira Yonetake from Kawaguchi-Finland Society for this opportunity!

Tampere, Finland 26.09.2018

Seminar presentation: Introducing the results of remote health care program for rehabilitation patient group / Seminar talk by Emtele and Tytti Artkoski, PhD of Social Work and psychotherapeutic.

The seminar was for audience of 70 public sector health care specialists at SOTE NAVI – event held in Tampere University of Applied Sciences Health department. We focused on the achieved results on project tackling a group of rehabilitation patients who were using several health care services with frequent visit cycles. Emtele and the Nokia city hospital brought good practices together and developed a program for involving patients and bringing availability and quality of health care services for rehabilitation patients.

Emtele was glad to present the benefits and the treatment model for specialist wrapping up the program brought to the patients and the health care unit.


Thank you Merja Sinkkonen for inviting us to talk again!

Kobe, Japan 18.9.2018

Seminar presentation: Remote patient monitoring and telemedicine

Emtele Oy was invited to the seminar held at Kobe, TRI Building:


There were approximately 80 participants and three speakers: one speaker from Minister of Health, one from Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency and Emtele was pleased to be third speaker. Our presentation concerned remote patient monitoring and telemedicine. We shared the results of our telehealth solution use cases from various application fields and focused on cost-efficiency and effectiveness potential.


Thank you PMDA and Business Japan / Finnklaudia Oy for this opportunity!

Helen Electricity Network Ltd and Emtele Ltd Will Continue to Cooperate to Improve Electricity Distribution in Helsinki

(Pictured: Hannu Martikainen, CEO, Emtele Ltd, Jouni Lehtinen, Director, Customer Relationship Management, Helen Electricity Network Ltd, and Osmo Siirto, Director, Distribution Network, Helen Electricity Network Ltd)

18 January 2017 In 2014 Emtele Ltd and Helen Electricity Network Ltd signed a long-term life cycle service agreement on a turnkey basis relating to transformer substation automation. The agreement covers the installation and maintenance of remote control and measurement functionalities for 200 transformer substations. Smooth cooperation and the benefits obtained by Helen Electricity Network from the delivery, together with the high service level achieved, led to the realisation of the agreement option of 150 transformer substations. The total service acquired from Emtele Ltd by Helen Electricity Network includes remotely operated disconnector controls of transformer substation sites as well as the transmission of status information, measurements and alarms to different systems. The devices necessary for this total service are also included in the delivery.

With the service provided by Emtele Ltd, Helen Electricity Network has improved electricity distribution reliability and quality by expanding the automation and control of the power grid. Helen Electricity Network is a forerunner in transformer substation automation, whose role in the management of the distribution grid grows when aiming to significantly shorten power outages. With the help of transformer substation automation, the fault location can be isolated and electricity restored to the majority of customers very quickly. Helen Electricity Network’s transformer substation automation model has also received a lot of international attention.

“By international standards, Emtele Ltd’s total service model is advanced compared to traditional device business, where the customer’s procurement processes can be complex and technology risks are great,” says Osmo Siirto, Director of Distribution at Helen Electricity Network. “Our goal is to be a trendsetter in the industry.”

Helen Electricity Network Ltd

Helen Electricity Network Ltd is responsible for the transmission and distribution of electricity in the Helsinki area. The company is part of Helen Group, owned by the City of Helsinki. Our power grid service has a good price-quality ratio, and the supply reliability of electricity distribution in Helsinki is very good, even by international standards. Helen Electricity Network has about 375,000 customers. The company employs about 100 people.

Additional information:

Aki Hämäläinen, Helen Electricity Network Ltd
Telephone +358 50 502 1334
Email aki.hamalainen(at)helen.fi

Joni Ekholm, Emtele Ltd
Telephone +358 40 508 7308
Email joni.ekholm(at)emtele.com