Emtele Ltd will continue delivering the critical infrastructure services with a new agreement with Helen Oy

Emtele Oy and Helen Oy have entered into an ICT service agreement for field telecommunications regarding the measurement and control connections of the Helen Group’s various businesses.

Helen’s business includes the production, distribution and sale of electricity, district heating and cooling, and the development and sale of services in the new energy era. As a business enabler, Helen has process and automation systems that monitor and manage production and distribution. Helen has a need to implement control and monitoring connections in a secure and cost-effective manner.

With the new agreement, Emtele will provide Helen with a wireless and cyber secure connection service suitable for measuring and controlling production, the necessary field equipment, and their management.

“To choose Emtele as a supplier was influenced by good experiences with Emtele’s transformer automation deliveries to Helen Sähköverkko Oy and the ability to deliver the required long-term total service, functionality and service concept. Even internationally, Emtelen Oy’s innovative and advanced total service model fits well with Helen Oy’s strategy. We want to procure functional entities from our partners, combining functional standardized solutions instead of procuring customized equipment and information systems. Our goal is to reduce the risks that would arise in coordinating the technologies of many suppliers”, says Tuomas Teuri Helen Oy’s Digital Solutions Business Director.

Helen Oy

Helen Oy offers an easier and more uncomplicated daily life to more than 55,000 customers in Finland. In addition to heat, cooling and electricity, we offer solutions for regional and renewable energy, smart properties and e-transport. We are developing a smarter carbon-neutral energy system that allows everyone to produce, use and save energy while respecting the environment. Our goal is to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in our energy production by 2035. Joining forces and making the opportunities of the new energy era a reality.

Emtele Oy

Emtele Oy is a company focusing on innovative industrial Internet services. Emtele’s field communication solutions can be used to monitor machines, equipment and critical infrastructure sites remotely. Together with the partner ecosystem and leading energy customers, Emtele has been the first to deliver the FieldCom concept as full service, which enables, among other things, the remote management of a smart grid. Now Emtele is developing industrial internet analysis services. Utilizing the industrial Internet, it is possible to achieve completely uninterrupted functionality and at the same time productivity developed to the top.
Emtele is a privately owned limited liability company. Emtele is internationalizing and has opened up new markets in various European countries in cooperation with global and local companies. The fault indication developed by Emtele is rapidly increasing sales in the CIS countries and India.
For more information: <a href=”https://emtele.com/”>www.emtele.com</a>.

More information:
Joni Ekholm, Emtele Oy
phone +358 405087308, e-mail Joni.Ekholm@emtele.com

Tuomas Teuri, Helen Oy
phone +358 407549507, e-mail tuomas.teuri@helen.fi

Emtele Oy continues to serve critical infrastructure with the conclusion of a new long-term follow-up contract with Helen Electricity Network Ltd

Emtele Oy and Helen Electricity Network Ltd concluded the first long-term turnkey contract for a life cycle service pertaining to secondary substation automation in 2014. The follow-up contract concluded in 2020 covers the provision of remote control and measurement functionality with a 15-year monitoring and maintenance period for 150 secondary substations. The functionality comprises the disconnector controls for secondary substation sites, the transmitting of status information, measurements, and alerts to different systems, and the required instruments, sensors, and telecommunications implementations. The existing concept is supplemented by the earth fault and short circuit indicator developed and patented by Emtele (VIKE pat.).

Together with Emtele, Helen Electricity Network Ltd continues to further improve the continuity electricity supply, which is already at a very high level. Helen Electricity Network is a trailblazer and a pioneer of secondary substation automation, which is becoming increasingly important in the management of the supply network in order to significantly reduce the length of power cuts and improve cost effectiveness. Helen Electricity Network has already reached a leading position in the availability of electrical networks in the world based largely on the secondary substation automation provided by Emtele. The combination of secondary substation automation and earth fault current compensation has produced a 50% reduction in electricity supply interruptions. The duration of an interruption in the supply of electricity of Helen Electricity Network has been just 3 minutes on average per customer, dropping down to mere 1.5 minutes last year. At the same time, the company has reached the lowest customer tariffs of any EU capital.

“Our decision to choose Emtele as our supplier was influenced by Emtele’s ability to provide the long-term comprehensive service stipulated in competitive tendering and the life-cycle costs of the service. Even internationally, the innovative and advanced comprehensive service model of Emtele is a good fit for the strategy of Helen Electricity Network. We want our partners to provide well-functioning entities instead of individual devices and information systems. Our goal is to reduce the risks that would arise from having to integrate the technologies of several different suppliers, says Markus Lehtonen, the CEO of Helen Electricity Network. “We aim to lead the way for others in this sector.”

Helen Electricity Network Ltd
Helen Electricity Network is the operator of the distribution network in Helsinki. The company is a subsidiary of Helen (previously Helsingin Energia), which is owned by the City of Helsinki. Helen Electricity Network is responsible for the operation of the electricity network and the transmission and supply of electricity within its operating area. Helen Electricity Network has approximately 400,000 customers. The annual consumption of energy in its operating area is approximately 4,600 GWh. The company employs approximately 100 people.

Emtele specializes in innovative industrial Internet services. Emtele’s telecommunications solutions can be used to monitor machines, devices, and critical infrastructure sites. Together with the partner ecosystem and leading energy sector clients, Emtele has developed the FieldCom concept, which is the first service to enable remote control of smart grids. Now, Emtele is developing analysis services for the industrial Internet. By utilizing the industrial Internet, it is possible to reach a level of functionality completely free of disturbance and state-of-the-art productivity.
Emtele is a privately owned limited company. Emtele is expanding its operation internationally and has opened up new markets in different European countries with both global and local enterprises. Sales of the fault indication solution developed by Emtele are growing quickly in the Commonwealth of Independent States and in India. Further information: www.emtele.com.

Info on:
Joni Ekholm, Emtele Ltd
phone +358 405087308
email joni.ekholm@emtele.com

Mika Loukkalahti, Helen Electricity Network Ltd
phone +358 50 559 2940
email mika.loukkalahti@helen.fi

Emtele Ltd, strengthens the Board

Emtele, a provider of automation and IIoT services that improve critical infrastructure productivity and ZeroFailure™ operation, has invited Matti Rautkivi, Wärtsilä’s Vice President, Energy Strategy and Business Development, as a member of the Board. The appointment will take effect immediately.

Matti Rautkivi is responsible for developing the strategy of Wärtsilä’s energy business (EUR 2.5 billion), focusing on innovations related to business growth and profitability. He leads a global team of 40 top professionals with a vision toward a 100% future for renewable energy. He has successfully developed global marketing.

“We warmly welcome Matti Rautkivi to Emtele’s Board of Directors. He has a unique vision of the development needs of the energy industry and a broad management vision in areas important to Emtele, such as the development of global sales in technology and services. Matti Rautkivi will significantly strengthen Emtele’s ability to provide added value to our critical infrastructure customers. He will also strengthen our expertise in the global operation of the partner ecosystem. I’m really excited about his global networks and marketing expertise in the energy sector, “says the company’s Chairman of the Board Hannu Martikainen.


Matti Rautkivi, for his part, states: “It is great to be able to support Emtele’s activities as a member of the Board. Emtele has strong expertise and a very interesting product and service portfolio with really great opportunities to create added value for customers. I look forward to Emtele being able to export this added value to customers globally. “



Emtele Board of Directors: Hannu Martikainen (Chairman of the Board), Markus Nummi, Jaakko Martikainen and Matti Rautkivi

Making Distribution Substations Smarter – Emtele joins forces with Maviko

Emtele and Maviko have agreed upon a collaboration to deliver smart distribution substations. As part of the collaboration, Emtele and Maviko will mutually develop a new digital distribution substation automation solution fit for both companies’ existing clientele in monitoring their electricity distribution infrastructure and availability.

Through the collaboration, Emtele and Maviko improve their capability to serve power distribution companies better in increasing distribution reliability.

Emtele has served the European energy sector for 10+ years with excellent customer satisfaction rates. Emtele provides reliable, efficient data communications solutions for energy distribution network management. Emtele guarantees the quality and availability through SLA based long-term agreements, wherein the customer receives state-of-the-art turnkey solution to their defined need. 

Maviko Ltd is an innovative electricity distribution service company with nationwide reach in Finland. Maviko possesses vast expertise within the core technical processes of energy infrastructure. Maviko invests heavily in understanding the customers’ needs and wishes, resulting in high customer satisfaction and exceeded expectations through comprehensive solutions. All Maviko substations and electricity network components are made of market-leading parts and solutions.  The products and services Maviko provides are tested and guaranteed with high quality. 

Emtele secured a deal in India! – featured on Kauppalehti, 20th Feb 2020

Kauppalehti – the largest daily business newspaper in Finland – published an article of Emtele and our business endeavors in India on Thursday, 20 February 2020.

The article reports the major contract Emtele secured with Tata Power – one of the largest electricity distribution companies in India.

The Indian government has begun a nationwide electricity distribution network development project, aiming to install more than 300 million smart meters onto the network infrastructure to ensure better power availability and network reliability. The project is believed to be a game-changer for Indian distribution utilities which have suffered from large technical and operational challenges, causing approximately 20% revenue losses amongst distribution operators.

Emtele has stepped in to help Indian distribution system operators in bridging the gap and ensuring the network reliability and availability stays high. Emtele’s solutions, consisting of patented hardware and state-of-the-art automation solutions and customized analytics software, have attracted vast interest among Indian DSOs. Emtele has already started its first deliveries onto the Indian market and is looking to expand its endeavors with the large distribution companies in the developing subcontinent.


Emtele offers turnkey solutions for data management, data communications and remote monitoring fields in the energy sector. Through our expertise, our customers have been able to ensure network reliability, security and constant availability. We have built our solutions on top of the best available technologies, patented hardware and efficient software to serve the needs of our clientele. Our customers value our service orientation, whereby we guarantee reliability, availability and cost-efficiency:  through collaborating with us, you get the right solution to your challenge with no extra costs – through one service provider, one contract and one price!

For more information, please contact:

Hannu Martikainen, CEO
Emtele Ltd

+358 40 062 2077

Emtele certified to ISO9001: 2015 and ISO27001: 2013 standards

The quality of Emtele’s business operations and management quality has received another acknowledgement as we were certified to ISO9001: 2015 and ISO27001: 2013 standards in June 2019.

Since quality, best business processes and practices and reliable up-to-date information systems stand as our core values, we will continue to endeavor towards better, more reliable and most technologically advanced solutions to power our business as we help other organizations and industries in developing their critical communications, cybersecurity and operational reliability. Our long-term partnerships together with our key customers ensure we have deep knowledge on the operations of electricity utilities, heavy industries and healthcare operators. Through our high quality data management and cybersecurity practices, we are able to secure the critical data and simultaneously learn out of it and develop better, scalable and reliable services and solutions to our customers over time.

The standards also help us in gaining accountability and reliability as a constantly growing service provider in the international scope. We want to respond to our customers’ needs through working as an example within critical communications, data analytics and cybersecurity by adhering to the recent quality standards and building our operational excellence further beyond these standards.

Japan MedTec 18. – 20.3.2019, Tokyo Big Sight

Emtele is participating to the Asian’s largest tradeshow for the design and manufacture of medical device!

Come and meet us:
Booth number 401

Note our pitch on Tuesday, 19th March at 0100-0200 p.m:

Mr. Pablo Iglesias Rumbo from the EU Delegation to Japan is going to speak at a seminar in the Medtec Japan about the EU-Japan Economic partnership including the EU Gateway program. Emtele was offered an opportunity to present our innovative services at the seminar.




JTTA Spring Conference – 2.2.2019, Tokyo

Seminar presentation: Benefits of TeleHealth

The Japanese Telemedicine and Telecare Association has its spring conference with approx. 150 participants at Zenkoku Kaden Kaikan Bldg in Yushima, Tokyo.

It was a unique opportunity for Emtele to present its view on telehealth’s benefits among such highly educated, experienced and active professionals.


Thank you JTTA, Mr. Takayuki Kori M.D., Ph.D and Mr Ikuo Tofukuji, PhD

Kameda Healthcare Informatics & Emtele – December, 2018

Successful establishment of new business models and optimal digitalization of traditional methods within healthcare sector in a foreign country requires strategic partnership with a local expertise. Kameda Healthcare Informatics, a pioneer of Japanese healthcare IT systems, and Emtele decided study joint opportunities to provide telehealth solutions nationwide.

Saitama, Japan 5.12.2018

Seminar presentation: Remote medical care – from the example of Northern Europe

Emtele had a great change to participate to the seminar held at Saitama Business Exchange Center.

Our presentation about the use cases and best practices within the application fields of telehealth led to an interactive discussion with the audience regarding possibilities to localize tested treatment models in the most optimal way. Also Mr. Hasegawa from JTTA and Dr. Kodama from Niigata University of Health and Welfare described the future for telemedicine in Japan in this seminar with approx. 40 participants.


Thank you Saitama Industrial (SIPC) and Mr. Akira Yonetake from Kawaguchi-Finland Society for this opportunity!