Emtele certified to ISO9001: 2015 and ISO27001: 2013 standards

The quality of Emtele’s business operations and management quality has received another acknowledgement as we were certified to ISO9001: 2015 and ISO27001: 2013 standards in June 2019.

Since quality, best business processes and practices and reliable up-to-date information systems stand as our core values, we will continue to endeavor towards better, more reliable and most technologically advanced solutions to power our business as we help other organizations and industries in developing their critical communications, cybersecurity and operational reliability. Our long-term partnerships together with our key customers ensure we have deep knowledge on the operations of electricity utilities, heavy industries and healthcare operators. Through our high quality data management and cybersecurity practices, we are able to secure the critical data and simultaneously learn out of it and develop better, scalable and reliable services and solutions to our customers over time.

The standards also help us in gaining accountability and reliability as a constantly growing service provider in the international scope. We want to respond to our customers’ needs through working as an example within critical communications, data analytics and cybersecurity by adhering to the recent quality standards and building our operational excellence further beyond these standards.