VIKE Fault Indicator

  • Underground cables
  • Overhead cables


Fault detection functions

(FPI, Fault Passage Indication)

  • Single line to ground fault, double ground fault
  • Intermittent ground faults – PATENTED METHOD
  • Short circuits
  • Indication based on power measurements

Fault prediction

  • Registration of intermittent, short-term ground faults as disruption records and in the device’s event log.

Compact construction

Rogowski coils

  • Measurement of two phase currents and the sum of the currents
  • Measurement of three phase currents

The same VIKE VA200C central unit is suitable for:

  • Underground cables
  • Overhead cables

Easy to install

  • Split-core after-market or forward-fitted Rogowski coils for substations
  • Rogowski coils integrated into post insulators for overhead cable installations
  • Plug-in cabling


  • Basic configuration includes measurements for two outputs (two branches) Can be expanded for up to ten outputs

Power measurement

Measurement of phase voltage with capacitive or resistive sensors


The VIKE VA200C fault indicator recognizes short circuits, ground faults, and intermittent ground faults and sends real-time data and alerts to the client regarding the fault and its direction.


Fault location time and impact to the end customer are minimized. This enables high level of availability and quality of operation. The disruption recordings created for faults and disruptions can be used to analyze occurrences within the network.

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