Digital Services


Utilizing digitalization and developing business through technology usually requires long-term, heavy investments. Oftentimes, it is impossible to decommission from the selected solutions and investments and deploy most recent technological advancements in a logical timespan due to long payback times and extensive R&D expenditure. Developing digital solutions and technologies in-house may also result in heavy cost burden and load management.

Through partnering with Emtele, our customers do not have to heavily invest in workforce or R&D as the most recent technology is always available through our partner ecosystem. Emtele has built an extensive partner ecosystem to combine the most recent and best technologies and innovations to fit our customers’ needs. Through partnering with Emtele, our customers gain access to most recent, constantly available and highly innovative technologies without excessive cost burden or heavy deployment processes.

With Emtele, you will

  • Gain access to technology solutions built to match your needs
    – without excessive investments!
  • Be able to harness to a large pool of state-of-the-art technology and innovation solutions
  • Succeed in utilizing complex systems and solutions through 24/7 availability service provided by Emtele
  • Deploy efficient solutions flexibly and fast
  • Only pay for what you need – no hidden costs!

We transfer our experience and competence of 24/7 high-usability services from more than 10 years to electronic platforms and applications. We create services for the future that can be deployed and decommissioned flexibly. Our services consider the entire lifecycle – one service provider, one service ecosystem, and one price!


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