Digital Services

The current general view of the market is that the production environments of companies have been developed to match the needs of the current financial period. This has led to silo-like solutions, which are evident to the users as gaps in the data flow and fragmented situational awareness. This operational concept facilitates the risk of human errors in decision-making. A silo-like nature of the production environment does not support wide-ranging and expedient decision-making, but instead makes the operation time consuming and highly dependent on resources and competency.

Our industry is transitioning toward commercial digital platforms and analytics applications. In addition to these, to complement them, Emtele develops and applies intelligent solutions that combine data flows to respond to the needs of our clients.

Our objective is to “transfer” our experience and competence of 24/7 high-usability services from more than 10 years to electronic platforms and applications. We create services for the future that can be deployed and decommissioned flexibly. Our services consider the entire lifecycle – one service provider, one service ecosystem, and one price!

What does this mean to our clients? It provides the opportunity to move from time-based corrective maintenance to predictive and pre-emptive maintenance. This leads to significant cost-savings and high level of availability. By utilizing machine learning, we can allocate human labor in key areas and develop extensive situational awareness services to support improved conclusions.

Each company hiring their own specialists and building dedicated digital services is not sustainable. Instead, you can develop a joint service environment and share the cost by purchasing the services from Emtele.

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