Efficient and smart eHealth solution


Our service provides efficient tool for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and rehabilitation. Our mission is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness along with solving challenges over quality concerns with increasing number of patients. Remote contact with patient by eHealth platform will reduce hospitalization and emergency room visits, particularly in the long run. The eHealth services enable and supports peoples to live as independently as possible and offers tool for active self-care.

Our remote health care service is applicable to most of the conditions that require regular, long term treatment. These include:

  • chronic diseases
  • monitoring pregnancy
  • physical and mental rehabilitation and training


Emtele service includes full integrity including the devices, application, connections and technical support.

In our eHealth solution, a digital treatment program is created jointly with our customer for the patients. Patients carry out independently one or several of the following: somatic measurements, fulfilling inquiries, performing exercises, writing open diary articles and keeps contact with the health care professionals if needed. The treatment program can be selected from default programs or customized for individual need. Systematically monitored health state has been recorded to have an activating impact on patients’ daily routines and the collected data gives accurate tools for predicting the actual need for on-site treatment.


Automatic notifications guide the attention of health care personnel directly to the cases that need attention and actions. Focus of the health care professional is directed to the specific cases and health data trends that deviate from the adjusted thresholds.


Digital treatment program


  • Standard or customized inquiries
  • Multiple choice questionnaires


  • Somatic measurements of various kind
  • Input via communicating devices or manually

Feedback can be automated or given personally to the patient

Treatment program

  • Can be adjusted individual or adjusted according patient group easily in no time
  • Patient can follow up his/her process and development from personal user interface

Attention of the health care professional is drawn to:

  • Case that require specific or individual treatment or attention
  • Results of patients that overgo personal thresholds indicating changes on the health state
  • Full and reliable picture of the patient health according to accurate data
  • Into patients that have neglected their digital treatment program
  • Or other action requiring treatment requests


Examples of measurement types supported by the eHealth solution

  • Blood sugar measurement device
  • Thermometer
  • Blood oxygen measurement device
  • CTG
  • ECG
  • Blood pressure measurement device
  • Scale
  • Urine carbohydrates, proteins, blood, nitrite, leucocytes
  • CRP
  • Hemoglobin
  • Respiration density
  • INR
  • Pain (empiric on scale of 1-10)
  • Length
  • PEF


Patients treatment program:

  • Supervised rehabilitation
  • Programmed treatment period
  • Regular follow up on patient development

Treatment program:

  • Can be modified easily and in no time to meet the needs of individual patient or specific patient group



  • eHealth service is easy to access and fast to deploy.
  • The system is cyber secure, and data protected.


  • The information is easily transferred into local medical record system.


  • We are available in case you need technical support.


  • The treatment program can be selected from default programs or customized for individual need.
  • All the contents are adjustable for individual needs.
  • New content can be created in minutes with just a few clicks.


  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device – the program can be run on personal mobile devices.
  • If needed, the device can be included in the service.
  • We will take care of updates, performance and maintenance for devices under the service contract.

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