Automation Data Security


Emtele’s cyber defense solution automates the operation of a cyber security center and replaces data security specialists with automated processes, which are supported by the expertise of Emtele. The development of our solution was based on the Defence Forces’ requirements: for example, a warship must be capable of defending itself against cyber-attacks independently without dedicated data security specialists on board.  

An automated defense system is made possible by modeling an automated system and building response procedures that are based on rules and machine learning. On top of that, our cyber security experts monitor and overlook the development, detect and react upon potential development before any threats occur. 


Our solution is particularly suited for automation systems, which are usually homogeneous and static compared to ICT systems. In automated environments, we usually have a very detailed picture of what is allowed and what is forbidden. In this case, exceptions and responding to them can be modeled precisely in advance. 


The advantages of Emtele’s cyber security service include:

  • Quick and reliable responses to data security incidents. The extent and impact of an attack can be minimized immediately.
  • Cost-effectiveness: traditional, expensive cyber security centers are not needed. These can be replaced with rules-based automation and the client’s personnel, who are instructed by the system when necessary.
  • Quick implementation, which can be carried out in phases. Extensive PoC can be commissioned in less than a month, which already provides significant improvements for the data security of the system.


Today, cyber-attacks are intercepted by various cyber security centers, where data security professionals use a log monitoring system to monitor logs produced by devices and systems and specialists respond to observed data security incidents. The client’s operating staff can focus on responses and data security decisions together with the data security solution provided by Emtele. Factors caused by human errors and delays are eliminated with the modeled data security solution, and thus the time window for attack is significantly reduced. The personnel of the operations center are able to manage data security operations without the need for an expensive and separate operations center run by the service provider.


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