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Release: Emtele Oy Transfers Business Operations to a New Company

February 14th, 2024

Finnish company Emtele Oy announces that its business operations have been transferred to a new entity, Emtele Automation Oy, effective February 1, 2024. This transition is part of our ongoing development and commitment to ensuring sustainable growth for the business in the future.

Emtele Automation Oy is a company established by key operational personnel of Emtele and private investors to continue Emtele’s business operations. All employees are transitioning to the new company as existing staff members. This business transfer will not result in any changes to customer relationships, and existing collaboration agreements will continue under the same terms. The acquisition and continuation of business under the ownership of current key personnel and investors ensure the quality of services and the long-term commitment of essential individuals to the business.

The CEO of Emtele Automation Oy is one of the original investors, Tuomas Kumpula, a software entrepreneur who was involved in the founding of Emtele. Kumpula is also a founding shareholder of Geniem Oy and Flockler Oy, both of which have since been sold to a Finnish private equity firm and an American SaaS software company.

“We recognize Emtele as having an exceptionally skilled team, competitive services, and a convincing customer base. We aim to continue as a reliable operator for our customers and strengthen Emtele’s expertise and services on an international level,” described Kumpula.

According to Kimmo Kaitala, the new Chairman of the Board and investor of Emtele Automation, Emtele boasts an impressive range of services and customer relationships.

“In particular, their fault indication services are top-notch, with growing international markets. Finland is among the leading countries in remote operation and fault localization for electricity distribution companies, presenting a significant opportunity for an innovative service technology company,” commented Kaitala.

Former CEO of Emtele Oy, Joonas Koivuniemi, will support the new management throughout the transition period, trusting that the new ownership structure will provide excellent conditions for growth and development.

“I am particularly pleased that key individuals who have contributed significantly to the company’s success are now becoming significant owners,” stated Koivuniemi.

For further information on the business transfer, please contact:

Tuomas Kumpula, CEO, Emtele Automation Oy


+358 400 535 498

Emtele Oy, founded in 2005, is a Finnish market leader in solutions for remote operation and fault localization for electricity distribution companies. Emtele’s mission is the uninterrupted operation of electricity grid distribution and production. The company improves the reliability of electricity grids through, among other things, patented fault detection solutions.