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When the topic is reliability of remote communications, affordability is surprisingly also part of the discussion

When the topic is reliability of communications, affordability is surprisingly also part of the discussion.

In addition to the fact that data communications availability with mobile solutions for class 1 (CL1) connections is at least 99.96%, this provides significant savings for new projects as the need for underground cabling is completely eliminated.

Emtele FieldCom – designed for critical connections

Emtele FieldCom is a remote communication service that was designed for critical infrastructure, such as minimizing distribution failures caused by network faults and storms, and for control and measurement applications in water resources management or district heat. A scalable and reliable operator-level environment harmonizes scattered remote use networks and connections that are difficult to maintain.

The FieldCom data communication solution combines the functionality of a communications system with top-rate information security. This allows power plants, electric and disconnector stations, and other critical electrical network devices to communicate reliably with the control room / operating center and dedicated management applications.

Communications and data security for the energy grid in a single effective service

FieldCom offers a comprehensive situational picture of what is happening in the field in terms of the electrical network, electrical stations, and power plants. At the same time, it offers security in particular for employees working alone in the field, prevents accidents, and helps you prepare for and react quickly to threatening situations.

The service comprises overall responsibility for planning, delivery, fault correction, and administration throughout the agreement period (most commonly 15 years).

FieldCom is an important part of Emtele's Fiksu verkko™ GMaaS

The service is assembled as a turnkey package based on your requirements.

Users include:

Emtele FieldCom is used in critical environments in both electricity distribution and power plant networks (wind farms and hydroelectric power plants) and, among others, our following customers: Helen Group, Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot, Ilmatar and Turku Energia Sähköverkot.

Remote communication as a comprehensive service

The FieldCom communication solution is a comprehensive service that comprises telematics and communications services for power plants, electric and disconnector stations, substations, and similar critical devices, and the related:

  • Planning, piloting, and project management
  • Necessary equipment and telecommunications connections
  • Installation and configuration of the equipment and connections
  • Information security, monitoring, and management services for remote communications
  • Maintenance and administration services (see below)

Including the maintenance and administration process

  • Automated 24/7 monitoring
  • Event management and coordination – Service Desk 8/5 – 24/7
  • Disturbance assessment and fault correction both remotely and in the field
  • Post analysis of disturbances and faults
  • Maintenance and device configurations and change management
  • Information security management
  • Service level monitoring and reporting

Implementation phases of the FieldCom service

  • Field review, during which the device, installation, and cabling needs are surveyed, planning
  • Design of the necessary devices, connections, software, information security, and configurations based on needs
  • Installation and configuration of devices, software, and data communications including cabling
  • 24/7 supervision, user and device management, monitoring, remote and field maintenance, fault correction, and service level reporting


Key benefits to our customers

  • Productized 24/7 service, the solution is designed to meet your requirements
  • All costs are known in advance – maintenance costs are included in the service
  • Quick implementation of the service
  • High level of automation, usability, availability, and scalability
  • All network technologies available
  • Improved reliability and information security – audited environment
  • Reduced field calls
  • Different invoicing and balance sheet models available
  • Ready-made products for different levels of criticality: CL1, CL2, CL3
  • Increased speed of situational awareness and remote management capacity
    -> minimized impact of disturbances
  • Comprehensive solution from a single responsible provider: one agreement, one responsibility

Field communication development trends our service offers a response to

  • Ability to adjust to ever increasing and diversifying data communication requirements
  • Determining the actual cost in advance
  • Complexity – keeping up with the technologies requires increasingly more specific special competence that is rarely usable elsewhere
  • Information security for services and devices within protected networks as well

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