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Helen Electricity Network Ltd and Emtele Ltd Will Continue to Cooperate to Improve Electricity Distribution in Helsinki

(Pictured: Hannu Martikainen, CEO, Emtele Ltd, Jouni Lehtinen, Director, Customer Relationship Management, Helen Electricity Network Ltd, and Osmo Siirto, Director, Distribution Network, Helen Electricity Network Ltd)

18 January 2017 In 2014 Emtele Ltd and Helen Electricity Network Ltd signed a long-term life cycle service agreement on a turnkey basis relating to transformer substation automation. The agreement covers the installation and maintenance of remote control and measurement functionalities for 200 transformer substations. Smooth cooperation and the benefits obtained by Helen Electricity Network from the delivery, together with the high service level achieved, led to the realisation of the agreement option of 150 transformer substations. The total service acquired from Emtele Ltd by Helen Electricity Network includes remotely operated disconnector controls of transformer substation sites as well as the transmission of status information, measurements and alarms to different systems. The devices necessary for this total service are also included in the delivery.

With the service provided by Emtele Ltd, Helen Electricity Network has improved electricity distribution reliability and quality by expanding the automation and control of the power grid. Helen Electricity Network is a forerunner in transformer substation automation, whose role in the management of the distribution grid grows when aiming to significantly shorten power outages. With the help of transformer substation automation, the fault location can be isolated and electricity restored to the majority of customers very quickly. Helen Electricity Network’s transformer substation automation model has also received a lot of international attention.

“By international standards, Emtele Ltd’s total service model is advanced compared to traditional device business, where the customer’s procurement processes can be complex and technology risks are great,” says Osmo Siirto, Director of Distribution at Helen Electricity Network. “Our goal is to be a trendsetter in the industry.”

Helen Electricity Network Ltd

Helen Electricity Network Ltd is responsible for the transmission and distribution of electricity in the Helsinki area. The company is part of Helen Group, owned by the City of Helsinki. Our power grid service has a good price-quality ratio, and the supply reliability of electricity distribution in Helsinki is very good, even by international standards. Helen Electricity Network has about 375,000 customers. The company employs about 100 people.

Additional information:

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Joni Ekholm, Emtele Ltd
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