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Emtele Ltd will continue delivering the critical infrastructure services with a new agreement with Helen Oy

Emtele Oy and Helen Oy have entered into an ICT service agreement for field telecommunications regarding the measurement and control connections of the Helen Group’s various businesses.

Helen’s business includes the production, distribution and sale of electricity, district heating and cooling, and the development and sale of services in the new energy era. As a business enabler, Helen has process and automation systems that monitor and manage production and distribution. Helen has a need to implement control and monitoring connections in a secure and cost-effective manner.

With the new agreement, Emtele will provide Helen with a wireless and cyber secure connection service suitable for measuring and controlling production, the necessary field equipment, and their management.

“To choose Emtele as a supplier was influenced by good experiences with Emtele’s transformer automation deliveries to Helen Sähköverkko Oy and the ability to deliver the required long-term total service, functionality and service concept. Even internationally, Emtelen Oy’s innovative and advanced total service model fits well with Helen Oy’s strategy. We want to procure functional entities from our partners, combining functional standardized solutions instead of procuring customized equipment and information systems. Our goal is to reduce the risks that would arise in coordinating the technologies of many suppliers”, says Tuomas Teuri Helen Oy’s Digital Solutions Business Director.

Helen Oy

Helen Oy offers an easier and more uncomplicated daily life to more than 55,000 customers in Finland. In addition to heat, cooling and electricity, we offer solutions for regional and renewable energy, smart properties and e-transport. We are developing a smarter carbon-neutral energy system that allows everyone to produce, use and save energy while respecting the environment. Our goal is to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in our energy production by 2035. Joining forces and making the opportunities of the new energy era a reality.

Emtele Oy

Emtele Oy is a company focusing on innovative industrial Internet services. Emtele’s field communication solutions can be used to monitor machines, equipment and critical infrastructure sites remotely. Together with the partner ecosystem and leading energy customers, Emtele has been the first to deliver the FieldCom concept as full service, which enables, among other things, the remote management of a smart grid. Now Emtele is developing industrial internet analysis services. Utilizing the industrial Internet, it is possible to achieve completely uninterrupted functionality and at the same time productivity developed to the top.
Emtele is a privately owned limited liability company. Emtele is internationalizing and has opened up new markets in various European countries in cooperation with global and local companies. The fault indication developed by Emtele is rapidly increasing sales in the CIS countries and India.
For more information: emtele.com

More information:
Joni Ekholm, Emtele Oy
phone +358 405087308, e-mail Joni.Ekholm@emtele.com

Tuomas Teuri, Helen Oy
phone +358 407549507, e-mail tuomas.teuri@helen.fi