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Turku Energia expands collaboration in distribution network automation with Emtele Ltd.

Turku Energia expands collaboration in distribution network automation with Emtele Ltd.

Turku Energia has added remote monitoring onto their distribution network through a full-service collaboration agreement with Emtele Ltd. Through the service, Turku Energia has been able to cut their downtime, maintenance and fault repair times and the damages caused by power outages. The collaboration will continue with a remote-control fault indication service based on a unique fault indicator, Emtele VIKE.

The patented fault indicator is complemented with a holistic, reliable monitoring dashboard. The solution ensures high usability, simple installation alongside the operator’s existing system, easy maintenance and grid control overall, through which the operator can minimize power outages at the customers’ end. Due to the lack of reliable fault indication systems in large grid systems in the market, Emtele Ltd has developed their unique solution concept in close market-driven collaboration with their international partnership network. The fault indication concept combines the most recent technological advancements into a comprehensive solution nurturing the needs of critical infrastructure operators.

The fault indication solution produces real-time data on the disturbances occurring within the medium-voltage distribution network. The fault indication solution tracks short-circuits, intermittent and persintent earth faults and furthermore measures load currents and network power. Through implementing the solution, Turku Energia will minimize their fault correction time and downtime, decrease downtime disturbance and cut down operational expenses.

We wanted to continue the good collaboration with Emtele Ltd. and expand our joint endeavors through the fault indication solution. We have been able to enhance our distribution network automation and achieve our pinnacles without deploying excessive workforce from our end”, Antti Nieminen, Group Manager of Turku Energia states.